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Congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann

          Our church is blessed with the invaluable service of the sisters from the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann since 2006. 


          Aware of the importance of education of the little ones, in 1834 Carlo Tancredi and Giulia founded this Congregation as an instrument of Providence for the little and poor ones, incarnating in history the same attitudes of Jesus who welcomed the little children. Here they place themselves at the service of the happiness of our brethren to restore in each one the face of the Son of God.


          They assume the love and the joys, the hard work and the pains of real mothers and aim at the heart of the other, understanding its deepest needs. They respect and value the dignity of every person and we desire her/his full realization according to the plan of God. In their educational rapport they blend firmness and gentleness, expressing in this way passion for the growth of the young generations.

          They walk in simplicity and joy, always IN HOPE, in order to form the great family of the children of God.

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